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Make your Safari count!

Updated: May 10, 2021

There is going on a safari and there is experiencing a Safari! You basically have 3 option;

  1. You could go on self-drive and get lost in the bush without ever spotting the scenery that you were seeking.

  2. You could pay a guide provided by the park, following possible restrictions and pay your hard earned money for no a journey with many other random people and you might actually enjoy it.

  3. Or you choose the third option: Us! Professionals with the right amount of friendship to give you the Experience that you need and deserve. Going over the top just to be able to follow the Wild Dog pack, knowing when it is important to keep safe distance and when it is important to sit for an hour to spot a Leopard on a hide! That becomes all possible, when your guides are on the Experience with you. When it is their passion as well as it is yours. When the driver is simultaneously your guide and understands how to position the car for you to take THE shot.

So which one do you choose?


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