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South Africa

When you do your online research, you get a lot of different information for all the W questions on traveling to Mozambique & South Africa. However, they’re not always reliable. So, our team, that actually are local. For a detailed version of how to get yourself ready on our blog, just click here


If you are combining your Experiences with South Africa and Mozambique, remember that the first mentioned is always a little cooler, so make sure to pack accordingly.

General packing list

First step is to choose your preferred main luggage, such as a duffel bag, travel backpack or suitcases, as there are a few things to consider, depending on your destination and awaiting adventure.


Second step is to organize your stuff in front of you before packing, so you are able to remove and add without a big hassle.

Let's get the basic clothing together..
Now we will take care of the toiletries.and make sure to pack the liquid utensils in a separate bag or change from original packaging to travel friendly containers and seal those to prevent unfortunate accidents. On that note, you do need malaria prevention before, while and after your travels to avoid getting infected with the virus.
Last but not least, the essentials for every traveler..

Diving packing list

Now that airlines have drastically reduced passengers baggage allowance, the weight and size of your diving equipment are important factors to consider. Experienced divers know the value of diving with their own gear, their function and comfort.


If you’re planning on going more often on diving trips, an investment in quality travel equipment is worthwhile. Here’s the recommended packing list for divers, additional to the GENERAL packing list.

Let's get the basic clothing together..
Last but not least, the essentials for every scuba traveler..

Safari packing list

First time visitors thinking of Africa almost always have some hesitation. Almost everyone wants to try out an african safari, but universal presumptions and stereotypes can be off-putting. Questions about safety and living conditions start to occur. However, simpler doesn’t mean less comfortable.


While the rest of the world is trying to be more organic and ecological, these concepts have always been fundamental to the African continent. Solar panels providing the power and hot water, building made out of the environmental material, hand carved wooden furniture and perfectly crafted thatched roofs.


Imagine having dinner beneath the seemingly millions of stars above you, a giraffe saying good morning while you have your breakfast, opening your door or curtains to a migration of Buffalo or wildebeests. With evocative landscapes provided, African safari can be as luxurious as anywhere on the planet.

After getting you excited for you upcoming safari with us, let’s start packing! Because operate with a range of mid to high range class accommodations, you don’t need to worry about unnecessary gear for tents.

Here’s the recommended packing list for a safari traveler, additional to the GENERAL packing list.

Let's get the basic clothing together.. Please dress in neutral colors: khaki, light brown/ green and avoid bright colors & white for improved game viewing.
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