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passport & visa

All recreational foreign visitors to Mozambique require a valid passport with at least 3 blank pages, two of which must be adjacent, as well as a tourist visa that must be obtained prior to entry via an official Mozambican embassy or consulate. For certain packages, multiple-entry visas will be required.

If you need help, we encourage you to reach out to our resident travel professionals at info@mozambiqueexperience.com for assistance.


Mozambican Metical. South African Rand, US Dollar and Euros are accepted. Credit cards are becoming more acceptable forms of payment and are an option at varying establishments.


Portuguese is the official language in Mozambique, with local languages differing from region to region. English is commonly used in touristic areas. The following languages are accommodated by our tours: English, Spanish, German, Catalan, Portuguese. Italian,, Turkish and Azeri.


Maputo is the main hub for international flights into Mozambique. Inhambane airport also receives limited international flights and a daily flight from Maputo with LAM. Road transfers from Maputo can also be arranged through Mozambique Experience.  

malaria prevention

Mozambique is a high-risk malaria country, and we highly recommend you visiting a doctor before you travel. Make sure you are up-to-date on routine vaccines as well.

electricity & internet

220-240 volts, 50 Hz. Wi-Fi is available in different accommodations, restaurants, bars and dive centers.


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South Africa

passport & visa

Applying for an international visa can be daunting, so if you need help, we encourage you to reach out to our resident travel professionals at info@mozambiqueexperience.com for assistance.


South African Rand. Foreign money can be exchanged upon arrival at the airport prior to starting the safari tour and before entering the Park. Credit cards are accepted in most of the rest camps within Kruger National Park, although, since we will be visiting some remote areas, we advise our customers to always carry cash.


English is the official language in the Republic of South Africa, with local languages differing from region to region. The following languages are accommodated by Mozambique Experience safari tours: English, Spanish, German, Catalan, Portuguese. Italian, Turkish and Azeri.


Johannesburg is the main hub for international flights into South Africa. We recommend our clients to take a national flight to Kruger Mpumalanga Airport. Maputo International Airport, in Mozambique, is also an option, as it is only 2 hours away  from the nearest gate to the Park. Please, contact our guides prior to book your flights to make sure there is plenty of time between the arrival time and the closing of the gates.

malaria prevention

The Kruger National Park is a malaria zone, although the risk is usually relatively low, especially in dry season when water is scarce. Most mosquitoes do not carry malaria, so being bitten does not mean one will contract the illness, however, we highly recommend you take prevention.

electricity & internet

220-240 volts.  Special South African adapters can be purchased in the Park. Wi-Fi is available at Skukuza Rest Camp within the Kruger National Park and in most of the accommodations outside the Park.

When you do your online research, you get a lot of different information for all the W questions on traveling to Mozambique & South Africa. However, they’re not always reliable. So, our team, that actually are local. For a detailed version of how to get yourself ready on our blog, just click here


If you are combining your Experiences with South Africa and Mozambique, remember that the first mentioned is always a little cooler, so make sure to pack accordingly.

General packing list

First step is to choose your preferred main luggage, such as a duffel bag, travel backpack or suitcases, as there are a few things to consider, depending on your destination and awaiting adventure.


Second step is to organize your stuff in front of you before packing, so you are able to remove and add without a big hassle.

Let's get the basic clothing together..


Jeans/ Pants


Dresses/ Skirts

Jumper/ Sweater

Shoes & Socks


Sunglasses/ Hats


Long Sleeve

Jackets/ Coats


Flip Flops


Now we will take care of the toiletries.and make sure to pack the liquid utensils in a separate bag or change from original packaging to travel friendly containers and seal those to prevent unfortunate accidents. On that note, you do need malaria prevention before, while and after your travels to avoid getting infected with the virus.

Toothbrush & paste

Floss & cotton swab



Tampon & pads

Dresses/ Skirts

Medications & vitamins

Lotion & Cremes

Brush & Comb

First Aid & band-aids

Shaving utensils

Pins & hair ties

Shampoo & Conditioner

Face & body wash



Travel blow dryer

Last but not least, the essentials for every traveler..

Passport & Visa

Flip Flops

Jackets/ Coats

Sealable bags



Chargers & Batteries

Driver's license


Backpack/ purse



Pillow and Blanket

Vaccination cards

Debit/ Credit card

Emergency info

Earplugs & mask

Journal & pen

Long Sleeve


Cash & wallet

Books & Kindle


Laptop/ Tablet

Diving packing list

Now that airlines have drastically reduced passengers baggage allowance, the weight and size of your diving equipment are important factors to consider. Experienced divers know the value of diving with their own gear, their function and comfort.


If you’re planning on going more often on diving trips, an investment in quality travel equipment is worthwhile. Here’s the recommended packing list for divers, additional to the GENERAL packing list.

Let's get the basic clothing together..

Flip Flops

Quick to dry short

Quick to dry shirt

Sunglasses/ Hats

Light jacket