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 local guides

It is adventurous to explore areas by yourself but you end up asking questions at some point. Why not ask your personal guides? Locals, who chose this to be their home, who explore themselves to be able to show you the hidden treasures that no local would actually share with tourists. Our guides know pretty much all the answers to your questions, whether it is about food, shopping or activities. And for that, they will do anything possible to make it count for you. You’re in the safest, most transparent and friendly hands - guaranteed!


cultural activity

Village visiting


We kindly ask all our customers to save some space in their luggage before coming to bring donation material, be it toys, school supplies, sports equipment, clothes ... and it is here when we visit one of the local villages and, together with our hosts, we spent an unforgettable time with the locals. That happiness on the faces of the little ones is what stays within you forever. We are in the Land of good people “Terra da boa gente” as the first Portuguese settlers who came to Inhambane called it, so we invite you to come and meet the good Gitonga people, their villages, their culture, their gastronomy and their lifestyle.

cultural activity

Local pottery


The art of working with clay in a traditional sense is as inspiring and fun as it can get,. The local pottery in Mutamba, with little pop-up shops, is owned by our friends. We have the exclusive opportunity to go behind the scene and give you the chance to, not only observe the fascinating formation of  ceramic becoming a unique piece, but even better: be a part of it. You will get a tour through the pottery villages, where you examine the happenings first hand and learn about the history. You will then get a kick at the can and proof your abilities. It does not matter whether you’re an expert or a novice. Please note that the oven is lighted once a month or so, and you might not be able to bake your souvenir. You are welcome to take it nevertheless or you leave it to be baked in the future, and make it someone else's happiness. 

water activity

Ocean Safari


To allow everyone the opportunity to encounter whale sharks, mantas, dolphins, turtles and other fish, we offer the very beloved ocean safari boat trip, where you take all time to look out for these animals and when conditions allow, we snorkel and swim with them. Bucket-list worthy.

This activity is for diver, non diver and even for the few that cannot swim, as an entry into water is not necessarily required but snorkel equipment will be provided. As for the ocean safari itself, it is a 2 hour boat trip towards the south of the Tofo coastline, where we look for whale sharks, mantas and other rays, dolphins, turtles, etc and use the opportunity to gently and safely swim alongside with them. Generally, daily excursions are planned, however, it always depends on sea and weather conditions and we highly recommend skin and eye sun protection.

water activity

Estuary snorkel

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The nearby Inhambane estuary works as a nursery and offers spectacular opportunities to see the fascinating seahorses, starfish, frogfish, leaffish, pipefish, and a vast amount of other marine life that take refuge in these shallow waters. It is also an incredible area for bird watching! With its warm protected waters, the estuary gives us a cozy place to swim, explore and relax. Tide dependent, we drive up to the starting point in the estuary where we kit up with the basic snorkel equipment. After a walk during low tide, the adventure begins and it normally lasts around 1.5 hours, and once again, the tidal time will set our time to get back

water activity

Dhow trip


Inhambane is home of one the largest freshwater estuaries in southern Africa, and the bay, which serves as a meeting point for the open sea, is often beautified by local sailing boats known as dhows. Drifting aboard one of these dhows is the best way to get up close and personal with the ancient boats that the Arabs once used to transport goods along the east coast of the African continent. With an experienced and trusted captain, we sail for a few hours into the calm crystal clear waters surrounded by white sand islets filled with Pansy shells. Idyllic landscape to take a swim or have a cocktail in one of the best places to see the African sunset.

water activity



Tofo has long been known as a surfing hotspot and is frequented year round by surfing professionals and novice enthusiasts alike. The protected waters and dependable surf conditions of Tofo make it an excellent place for beginners to gain their sea legs or for pros to find that perfect wave. Packages are available for all levels and can include lessons for novice surfers or surfing photo and video options for those that can already carve for the camera. 

water activity

Kite surfing


Not for nothing is Vilanculos called Kitesurf paradise. Not only does the bay provide the perfect winds but the sandbanks make it a lot easier to get out and navigate in between. Between the months of October to January, you have the best conditions, whether an expert or a novice. On top of that, you have the perfect getaway from the crowded places you might know, and an adventurous labyrinth of water channels where you can improve your navigation skills.

land activity

Quad biking

quad biking.jpeg

Another exciting way to experience the harder-to-reach locations in Tofo is on a quad bike. Scenic and speed aren’t concepts that often go well together, unless you’re on a quad bike of course. Visit local historic, cultural, and scenic sites while driving through all types of terrain. The quad ikes take up to 2 people although if both are comfortable driving, single rides are always recommended, alongside comfortable shoes and clothing, as well as skin and eye sun protection. All experience levels welcome!

land activity



What is a vacation without a massage? Can you really end a holiday without making sure all the stress knots are out of your system, preparing you to go back home? Use the service of our trusted strong hands to give you the much needed knead and get rid of any rest stress on your very own accommodation.

cultural activity

Village cooking

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During your stay you’ll enjoy the best of the cuisine, whether it is in the improvised and inspired restaurants or the actual local food at the market. In any case, you’ll be opposed to the traditional food and just for you to get a better understanding and a more intense sense for the country you’re traveling in, we have created a very unique opportunity to interact with the culture and dishes where the term “tourist” doesn’t exist. After exploring a few neighboring villages we then move onto the village of our friend Joana, and with the community, we start sharing responsibilities and preparing the local dish known as “matapa”!

cultural activity

Inhambane tour

Citytour (CULTURE)2.jpg

Being a country that is starting to blossom rapidly after a civil war that lasted for 15 years, and that never got the attention that it really should, Mozambique fascinates with its great history. This trip to the nearby city of Inhambane, capital of the province that bears the same name, brings us closer to one of the towns with the friendliest and most welcoming people we’ll come across

Together with our local and experienced guides will escort you to the most historical, fascinating and traditional sightings as well as picking up conversations with the local community to share their stories. We end the day with a beautiful sunset view in one of our trusted restaurants while cherishing a drink or the ever so fresh seafood. 

water activity

Whale watching


Our winter season, from July to November, is probably everyone's favourite time as humpback whales are an almost guaranteed sighting. To be able to see pec-slapping, breaching or lobtailing up close, we offer a 2 hour boat trip for anyone, whether diver, snorkeler or non-swimmer, as water entry is not guaranteed. Humpback whales are one of the most acrobatic species of whales. Time will still as you watch humpbacks breach the ocean’s surface for the first time, defying gravity as it rises from the depths arching towards the sky. A true moment you will never forget for years to come.

water activity

Kayak trip

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The ravishing mangroves of the neighboring Inhambane estuary invites the adventurous and yet nature-lover, and what better way than exploring it on a kayak. Just a few minutes away by car from Tofo beach, we start the trip following scenic labyrinths of calm waterways, allowing us to inhale all the sounds of nature and exhale our potential stressful minds, leaving us with nothing but a feeling of completion. Every now and then we might be visited by a range of lovely birds, like flamingos, or other inhabitants of the mangroves such as crabs and other crustaceans. Paddle in your own phase through the tranquility and be fascinated by our nature.