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We are based in Praia do Tofo and in Praia da Barra, a paradise located about 500 km north of the capital of Mozambique, Maputo. From here we offer daily diving and snorkelling trips in the area. 
Due to the rich marine life off the east coast of Mozambique, we also offer dive extensions to other nearby destinations, including the Bazaruto Archipelago from Vilanculos, located 300 km north of Praia do Tofo, and Ponta do Ouro, less than 200 km south of Maputo. 

And we cannot miss the opportunity to offer one of the best shark dives in the world in our neighbouring South Africa, and one of nature's greatest spectacles, the largest marine migration, the Sardine Run

To know all the detailed information about each of the diving destinations where we are, go to the Diving Info section. We present below the various programmes in the different destinations where we work. Take a look at each of them and see which one best suits what you are looking for.

We have been in the destination for more than a decade, if you have any questions, ask us!

"We are not an agency that will refer you to another service provider, we are certified dive guides ourselves, who will show you the wonders beneath the surface."
All programmes can be tailored to your needs and preferences.


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