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When people think of travelling to Africa, many will dream of seeing a lion, a giraffe, an elephant... all in their wildest and purest state. Others will want to get to know some tribes with their traditions and culture. And those who love underwater life will want to feel the adrenaline of diving close to the big predators and live an experience close to the whales.

For us, after more than 20 years of seeing the world, this was the main reason that made us decide to stay in this corner of Africa, and so
Mozambique Experience was born.
Here we have it all: the greats of the land, the greats of the sea, and its people with their colours, their music and their contagious happiness!

And in order to offer you this mix of experiences, we have created these
combined experiences.

We present below the various programmes in the different destinations where we work. All of them can be adjusted to your needs and preferences.

*I may be a snorkeler

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