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always by your side as your personal private guides

We are a couple that has the one and only "mission" of introducing you to the beautiful landscapes and oceans of this part of the world. With us being captivated with the mesmerizing idea of being the perfect hosts, welcoming you the right way and ensuring your quality time while traveling. 


Almost instantly a feeling of home rises and a little family creates itself and besides being your safari, dive and local guides, we become friends.


It is that kind of transparency that we create, where you know who you are really with. People who want the best for you and look out for your safety and joy. Going the extra mile is a given and we never leave a stone unturned when it comes to your Experience. And that is a promise.

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Starting to plan a trip today can be very confusing, misleading as well as time-consuming. 


Especially travelling in third world countries can create many barriers that you might not be able to overcome without knowing how to handle the specific situation.


And to make your long hours of travels and hard earned coin worth, we see ourselves as the perfect solution to not only create your individual Experience, but be there with you throughout. This way, and this way only can we guarantee what we actually promise to you.

Your certified safari guide Robert

It is your Experience that we share together and you are the ones who make the calls. Your dates, your times, your budget creates the itinerary that we follow on the entire Experience.

You do not have to waste your time researching outdated information on the internet and emailing a bunch of misleading people just to get more unnecessary details. Let us professionals analyze your details and create your itinerary, according to your schedule & budget. 

We are knowledgeable and active in the industry. Always educated on travel policies and situations to our Mozambique as well as South Africa, so we can inform you on necessities that you’d need to be aware of, before you’re traveling. Not after! 

With year long experience as diving and safari guides, we gained a considerable amount of knowledge on, how to make your travels as individual and authentic as possible. We've got you covered with real facts.. 

On the first look you might compare numbers and budge an inch, rather picking the cost efficient option, but how would that change if we told you that everything that you book through us is calculated, and there are no hidden costs throughout your travels?

The comfort of not having to worry about unknown details is pretty convenient, isn’t it? The unknown brings a little adventure but if you already spent your hard earned coin you might as well be secure about it. There are many unwritten rules to how to behave in situations that no search engine can prepare you for.

There is no question where your money goes and what you're getting for it. As fellow travelers, scuba divers & safari enthusiasts, we know the importance and value that you desire. We understand that travel decisions reflect individual desires and lifestyles, which is exactly what we emphasize for you.

we are


We accept everyone that is respectful towards all nature, wildlife and humankind.


We reduce our carbon footprint by combing our Experiences together into one.


We are aware of natural wonders and protect all wildlife and nature with our lives. 


We take care of our community and support through local activities.


We organize clean-ups, recycling programs and projects to reduce the waste pollution.

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