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True Nature. True People.  

So, what sets us apart from ordinary agencies? It's the intangible quality of Experience that elevates our offerings to an entirely different realm.

We've been operating here since 2005 and, unlike other agencies, we live in Mozambique, making us experts who offer authentic, high-quality experiences. 

In stark contrast to traditional agencies, we transcend the role of mere intermediaries. We don't simply sell packages; we serve as your personal guides, your companions, and your wellspring of profound knowledge and expertise. Our wealth of insights is born from our firsthand experiences as avid travelers, divers, and safari enthusiasts, etched into the very fabric of our lives.

Our commitment extends far beyond price matching. While others may attempt to emulate our offerings, they can never replicate our intimate connection with the heart and soul of Mozambique. We take immense pride in our unwavering dedication, proudly putting our names behind this venture, as we offer more than just trips – we provide authentic, transformative experiences that leave an indelible mark on your life.

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dive with the rare Bowmouth Guitarfish.j

The underwater is your life and passion and you can't wait to be on our incredible dives?

A medium detailed shot of an adult Elephant

The wilderness of the African savanna has your heart captured and you want to see & learn?

A girl from nothern mozambique with their traditional white painting on her face

You want to connect and get to know the real Mozambique with no distractions? 

Whether you are a diver or not, if what you are looking for is a complete experience, we highly recommend a combination of land and sea, where we can show you the wonders that these African lands have to offer.

The famous Big 5 of Africa just a few metres away, humpback whales breaching the surface of the sea and offering unforgettable acrobatics, the most colourful cultures on the planet. 

Unimaginable and unforgettable moments!



Choose your Experience & travel dates. send as a message through the contact form!


Influencer Alba
Influencer Alba underwater


Social Media Influencer
from Murcia, Spain

Snorkel and safari groups
ince 2022

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Tour Leader for Lluís Masuet Expeditions
from Vitoria, Spain

Safari and diving groups
since 2021

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World Champion Photographer
from Madrid, Spain

Photography workshops, 
since 2018


Mozambique, it’s people and long untouched coastlines are getting more and more known to travelers around the world.


Because of the perfect location, we’re able to combine extraordinary dives for all levels, spectacular African safaris and well-known friendly culture. We, from Mozambique Experience, made this country our home and we warmly invite you to be our guest, and give you the real and true Mozambique!

A clipart of Mozambique being colored to illustrate

With more than a decade living permanently in these lands, we show you first-hand the wonders of this corner of Africa. We have been crafting specialist tours in southern Africa for over 15 years and know the industry from the inside – and we stand by that with our Names! 

Not only have we combined the best of the marine and terrestrial worlds, but we also introduce you to the fascinating local cultures and a variety of activities to practice. Choose one of our several options. We can all adjust them to your needs and priorities. Create your own paradise and let us accompany you.

Don't take our word, take the beautiful words of our clients and friends, here or on TripAdvisor or Google Reviews!


[...] His passion, enthusiasm, professionalism and way of working make the magic of a trip that forever remains in the thoughts. [...]



DavidPerezSanchez, Spain

26. October 2022

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