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Romantic Consumerism

A fairly new idea but basically the main reason that people started to go out of their way to gather as many experiences and other consumptions as possible. A few hundred years ago, you'd never hear anyone even thinking about leaving their area yet alone leaving a whole ocean between.

If you have ever read the book "Sapiens" by Yuval Noah Harari you might have acknowledged this but one of the first aspects of the book stuck with me for a while.

Did you know, that humans are unique for creating fiction? Our entire exsitence is basically fiction. Everything from school systems, country borders and especially the currency and goverments that rule us on a daily basis. Just take a moment to think about this. We created this out of thin air and made oursevles slaves to it.

Anyway, but why do I talk about it here in a travel blog? Well, because with everything fiction came also the lust to wonder what else is out there. The whole idea of going across the border or into a plane and being greeted by a whole different ethnicity, religion or language is not natural to our species. I think this quote from the book sums it up very well:

"A chimpanzee alpha male would never think of using his power in order to go on holiday into the territory of a neighboring chimpanzee band. The elite of ancient Egypt spent their fortunes building pyramids and having their corpses mummified, but none of them thought of going shopping in Babylon or taking a skiing holiday in Phoenicia. People today spend a great deal of money on holidays abroad because they are true believers in the myths of romantic consumerism."

And yet here we are and us personally, have made it into our personal business to be able to bring you the best of our experiences and ensure that the holidays you do so desperately want, are the best in your life! We embrace this romantic consumerism and want you bloom within it. Be able to tell your children and their children about these stories and make them into a part of your legacy. We truly belief that these experiences make us into who we are today and learn about each other and make our species into a better one for the millions of year to come. Another quote sums this point that I try to bring across much better:

“The tourism industry does not sell flight tickets and hotel bedrooms. It sells experiences. Paris is not a city, nor India a country – they are both experiences, the consumption of which is supposed to widen our horizons, fulfil our human potential, and make us happier. "

And on that note, I'd like you feel invited and welcomed by our whole team for whichever EXPERIENCE you feel closest to! We are looking forward to you!

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