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Mozambique Experience Answers the Web’s Most Searched Questions.

Updated: May 10, 2021

One thing that I really enjoy watching, although the reasons are non existent, is the YouTube videos that the channel “WIRED” uploads, where celebrities answers the most asked questions that come up on Google Search. It’s usually ridiculous speculations that people all over the world like to look up but it always end up quite informative, given the fact that you’re interested, of course.

So our team decided to use the idea. We are no celebrities (at least not yet), but because our destination seems to bring up a lot of questions, and since we chose to make this country our home for the past years and therefore know a few things about it, we decided to Answer the Web’s Most Searched Questions!

If you type into Google the following: “is Mozambique ….” you get a lot of different questions, and all those questions bring you to different websites or blogs. Usually it is written by travelers that visited this country once or twice, just recently, months or years ago. One easy question then leads you to other questions and all of a sudden you rather find yourself looking for flights to Bali, just because it is more convenient.

Don’t get me wrong, Bali is beautiful and one of my favorite destinations, but it is not Mozambique and it is not our little town, Tofo. And it frustrates me that the amount of unreliable and untrue information scares away people and they never have the chance of experiencing what I do every day.

Every country has its pros and cons, and I could sit here and point the obvious, mention some countries that might not be third-world and are yet not safe to walk around.

The most beautiful places on our planet are untouched by human hands and these are the destinations we want to visit. There is not going to be much information but someone has to be the first one, otherwise we wouldn't know a thing, would we?

Mozambique might not be the number one suggested destination on the web, but that is only because not many people know about it. And if they do, and they have been here, they write about their experience. All good so far, but the issue is that those one time experiences don’t make the country. I read every now and then the information provided by the internet, and half of what I read is complete nonsense. One person must have started with a certain information and then everyone copy pastes and wants credit for it.

Not anymore..

In this post, I’m going to give the web exactly what it wants. All in one place. From the real people. Specific topics that need more details and draw your attentions will be in a separate post for your to read.



“Is Mozambique … a country?”

Yes. It is located in the African continent. It shares borders with South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Malawi.

“Is Mozambique … safe?”

It is relatively safe. Nevertheless, you should always be cautious.

“Is Mozambique … in south Africa?”

No. Mozambique is its own country.

“Is Mozambique … communist?”

It was from 1975-1990, and became then the present-day Republic of Mozambique.

“Is Mozambique … in Africa?”

Yes. It is in the northeast part of the continent.

“Is Mozambique … a developing country?”

It is a less developed country and yet one of the most peace building countries after the civil war.

“Is Mozambique … poor?”

Mozambican poverty is reducing not fast enough as more than half of the population is still living in poverty.

“Is Mozambique … a malaria area?”

Yes. Make sure to take medicine before, during and after travelling to prevent malaria.

“Is Mozambique … a third world country?”

Yes. It is considered one of the world's poorest countries.

“Is Mozambique … an island?”

No. But it has a few islands of the coast to visit.


We answer the web's most asked questions.


“Traveling to Mozambique … from South Africa?”

The easiest way is by plane. Although renting a 4x4 car is a recommended choice. There is a variety of transfers between the countries as well as local transportation.

“Traveling to Mozambique … what is required?”

Depending on your arrival and where you are coming from, you’ll have to have certain documents ready. …………………………………….

“Traveling to Mozambique … vaccinations?”

There is a required routine vaccinations such as measles-mumps-rubella, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis, varicella, polio and flu shot.

You should however consider getting vaccinations for Hepatitis-A & B, Typhoid, Cholera, Rabies and Yellow-Fewer.

“Traveling to Mozambique … visa?”

Citizens of Botswana, Malawi, Mauritius, Swaziland, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe do not require an entry visa (no more than 30 days, not for residence or working purposes). All other countries require a valid visa for entry.

“Traveling to Mozambique … by car?”

You can travel to Mozambique by car through about 16 borders. Valid visa, passport, driver license, car registration papers and other documents should always be up-to-date and ready to avoid confusions.


Know how to pack correctly with the right questions.


“Can I take meat into Mozambique?”

Unless it is frozen or vacuum packed, you should not risk it.

“Can I get a visa on arrival in Mozambique?”

Citizens from all countries are able to obtains a 30 day visa on all of the borders, as long as documents such as flights, accommodation confirmation or invitation letter.

“Can I use Rands in Mozambique?”

Most of the accommodations and restaurants accept ZA Rands, US Dollars and Euros. But you should exchange your money to the official Metical, so you can purchase from the markets, shops and petrol stations.

“Can I take my dogs to Mozambique?”

Yes, with the documents for a proper import permit, you can bring your personal pets into the country.

“Can I get a visa for Mozambique at the airport?”

Yes, same as at the borders, as long as you have all documents, flights, accommodation confirmation or invitation letter, there shouldn’t be any problems.


More questions? contact us directly for real answers.


Summing up, most of the questions go around the same, and researching for this post, I once again realized how many confusing answers there are and most of them don’t even lead anywhere, so you end up having more questions than before.

I hope this keeps all answers easy, simple and yet informative. Like mentioned earlier, the highlighted questions are explained in detail, just one click away.


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