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Masks for EVERYONE.

Updated: May 10, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many people lost, probably even more than before. After so many pandemics that our ancestors have been through, you'd think that we should be better prepared nowadays and that might be true. It is all just a little different when you don't have a government that has the right capacities to take care of each and everyone of their population. Countries, where disease and death are as much of a regularity as a cough or a sneeze. It is difficult to imagine when you are not living within, how much stronger these communities are than just living in the hot sun. There is so much more to being a human being in hard conditions than one can imagine. Sure, some might have been on the brink a few times, lost a job or lost their partners, but if your life is literally depending on what your actions bring on that day, that is when you know the struggle.

Diseases come and go and people learn to adapt and get used to it, Ebola might not be a topic of the news anymore but it is still happening. Malaria is responsible for reportedly 6 millions cases in 2015 in Mozambique alone and of the estimated 30 million people, 100% are at risk at all times! So, when the pandemic started to show up in the news, it was still far away but the surrounding countries were reacting and soon we ended up where we are today. And usually after a crisis, it all goes back to normal after a few sad news reports on TV. Well, not so much this time that the entire world is affected! This time, everyone is in the same boat - well more or less!

This time it is not as simple as adapting to a disease, because after the lock-down it's the non existing tourism that has more affect than anything else. And many of these countries rely on richer countries spending their money on an Experience and helping the communities sell their goods and crafts. Until that has recovered, people are still fighting for their lives. The one positive thing that I have realized is finally getting some value, is hygiene. Much needed hygiene that should be mandatory and hopefully now, people will be more aware to wash their hands and have a general understanding of the importance of hygiene and how fast bacteria can travel.

On May 6th 2020, the Mozambican government announced the mandatory need of wearing a face mask while in public to try to control the fairly low numbers, when compared.

And the question you might rightfully ask, is whether the people get masks handed out, since most of them most definitely will not have the funds to purchase. And my obvious answer would be: "of course not". And it is not as easy as to order people to stay in their homes and villages. Many still are obligated to try to make money and harvest their foods for everyday survival.

This is where YOU become mandatory and relevant to these people and their lives! This is where we, from Mozambique Experience, are going to target one tiny aspect of the issue and try to help as much as we can, with your assistance! We start off simple yet effective; masks for EVERYONE. That is our goal. With your help and donation, we want to tailor masks and share them with the villages that have no access whatsoever to that type of safety.

Together, we truly can make a difference! And while on our mission, we will document the people that are being helped and update everyone that thinks about giving in these times. During the process, we will document each and everyone that is getting helped and keep you updated via our blog, social media and instant messages!

If you want to help, please contact us for more information or share this blog post with your friends and family - everything counts.

Thank you.


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