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True Nature. True People.  

We are Robert, Lachin and David, your local dive guides, your photo safari guides and your hosts, and we offer you a variety of packages, which we call “Experiences”, in Mozambique, South Africa and Etswatini (formerly known as Swaziland). 
With more than a decade living permanently in these lands, we show you first-hand the wonders of this corner of Africa.

Not only have we combined the best of the land and sea worlds of the southeast coast of the African continent, but we also introduce you to the fascinating local cultures and a diversity of activities to enjoy. 
Whether you're looking for a land-only adventure, or you're more into the marine world and want to see the underwater world, or you'd like a combination, we've got it all covered.  

Take a look at our various programme options, and see which one suits you best. We can tailor them all to your needs and priorities. Create your own paradise and let us accompany you. 

Take note:
"We are not an agency that will refer you to another tour provider, we are the guides that will accompany you every step of the way, whether it's showing you a leopard on top of the tree or a leopard shark resting on the sandy bottom".

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