We Are You

Traveling has always worked as an eye opener. People that are aware that there is more than just their four walls inside your house. There is more human beings, more gods, more goods, more colors, more smells and way more to see! Without traveling, we wouldn't even know as much about other countries, societies and foods as we know today. If it wasn't for travelers such as Christopher Columbus or Da Gama, we wouldn't know what we know today, can you imagine? It has been for decades part of the human desires to learn more about the planet we call home.

"Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."

We did not think we would have to write about this, but then again, nothing should surprise any longer. Nowadays, the world is shaken again by old habits of discrimination for anything anyone can leach onto.. anything anyone cannot understand, won't understand or simply ignores. And to ignore a problem is one thing, but to spread around other peoples opinion, just because some couldn't even bother educating themselves but want to have a voice... and usually it is the voice of the group. Man is not stronger as his peers all together.. Today we face different things and we should all stand hand in hand together but could, would and should are all different things.

Us and our team would like to take this opportunity to clarify and emphasize that we never even had to think twice about accepting clients from anywhere for any reason.

That we accept everyone who respects life and treats it with such, and that does not change with background, ethnicity, color, religion, gender or anything as such.

That we sustain while creating our experiences and reducing (y)our carbon footprint. On that note, we create new friendships!

That we safeguard because we are aware of our wildlife, nature and surroundings, and protects their habitat and livelihood with our lives.

That we empower our local communities by supporting the children education and joy of life and create activities that allow us to give back together.

That we tackle climate change, plastic pollution and poaching of any kind in any way we possibly can.

we speak:

we accept: