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Responsible Travel

Updated: May 10, 2021

Tourism and COVID-19 are an issue many companies are facing and we as travel providers are not any less affected. There are changes that we all need to adapt to and start slowly to build up the economy again. Tourism is obviously one of the first things to be affected and the last things to recover. And even if it does, it will probably take a lot more to recover internationally. Travelers are most likely to stick to their nearest destinations and resist on traveling further, especially of the late outbreaks of the pandemic in different areas of the world.

We, in Mozambique for instance, are going to need some time to welcome our international guests again and until then, we will try to make it worth while. After all, tourism is based on human interaction. Now it emphasizes the importance of international dialogue and cooperation more than ever. So let us travel wisely. Because one main thing that many people have realized during this time is the time they did not spend on themselves. The experiences they have missed out on. Not that we did not care about it before but now, even more; we put your safety and health first.

World health organisations call for more responsibility and coordination to ensure maximum health measures and it all begins with ourselves. Each and everyone of us is responsible for their own hygiene and should take all steps to prevent widespread and protect others.

We are not only responsible for our own well-being but for the people around us as well. The impact is not on travel suppliers but also the demand. So while many cancelled or postponed their upcoming travels because they could not afford it anymore, just as many are planning their travels bigger and boulder than ever. This is also one of the times, where travelers that trusted an agency or a provider (such as ourselves) find themselves in a position of content since they did not need to worry about any further headaches and could just simply put their travels on hold.

Travelers obviously are familiar with health precautions. Everyone who has traveled at least once should know to wash his hands, not to cough in your hands just to touch things afterwards, postpone travels when ill or avoid contact with ill people. The most important thing is to stay informed about any updates and adjust accordingly.

So the weak world economy needs to pull itself back again, just as our ancestors did about a hundred years ago during the Spanish flu or the black death. And even after all the months passing, it is still very early to estimate the real impact of the pandemic on tourism. For us 2020 was going to be a great year with loads of safaris, diving and cultural travels and activities.

Solidarity is being promoted as restrictions on travels. Those also depend on the region and what experts have to say about recommended public health regulations. Small and medium sized enterprises are mostly impacted and might affect a lot of lives worldwide. Vulnerable countries and their communities, that heavily rely on tourism are in a state of desperation. Mozambique for one is one of the poorest countries and many regions rely on the worldwide tourism that enjoyed the "land of the good people" for not even as long as we would wish for. It seemed that only recently the new generation of backpackers were coming this way instead of the usual destinations around Asia.

So while we are waiting, we are working on possible new Experiences, routes, studying or simply improving ourselves for you. We are looking forward to the schedules travels and to welcome you soon in Mozambique again! This is where experiences become memories, and those, become your life!


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