Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

There are many issues that everyone deals with. There are many issues that are important and impact full and need to be talked about. And the more people talk, the more people will have to listen. We unfortunately have given all men power into just a few hands that we call government and the world politics have escalated beyond our control. I could only imagine working in the office and what dirt I would find, when digging deep enough.

So we made it easy for ourselves in shutting our eyes and ears and just following the stream until the dam collapses one day. The collapse regarding environmental issues was just a matter of time and still, it is not taken as seriously as it should. During the pandemic the planet had a little time to breath and if the videos of animals in new freedom did not make you happy, I don't know what did. Obviously the virus was not there to safe the planet but it gave it a break. The real issues are the ongoing natural catastrophes such as cyclones ans tsunamis that seem to have to happen for us to realize that our actions create reactions.

One of the oldest phrases that I learned and that stuck with me was latin and basically translated into: "we can fight mother nature with pitchforks but it will recover and care of itself". That is why I am not surprised about natural disaster anymore, because what did we really expect? That we can just walk on this earth, corrupt it until it is drained to the last drop of blue and green and then just leave like the dinosaurs?

So when the voices and demands for change finally were loud enough, people listened. Companies realized that they needed to change in order to appeal to the new generation and it was about more than just countries putting on their green vest for show, things really needed to change! And there is many many couch investigators that make sure, no one gets away with their false label anymore.

While I was on the travel/ diving show in January 2020 I was taken by the amount and effort of small companies fighting for change and taking action on themselves. I would love to go into details in a different article. Anyway, while researching I got highly inspired and wanted to create a little platform to share the efforts and my opinion on them. This let me into a deep rabbit whole and I came across so many initiative driven people that created something unique and sustainable and I really hope they will succeed. With that being said and the reason I am writing all this is our idea of our newest project in the early stages.

If you remember our article on the tides that ever so often wash our beaches with this pollution, we had scratched the surface on the issue. Now, talking about a problem is good but better even is finding and creating solutions. There are many volunteers that make an effort on educating the kids as well as adults on their actions but it will take a looong time to change. Instead of wasting time though, many hands collect plastic from the beaches on a daily basis. Whether it is a beach walk, that you use to collect a few plastic bottle caps or cans or if you actually go ahead and fill tons and tons of bins with the rubbish, the remaining questions is - what now?

Burn rubbish burn!

That is what the mentality calls to do. Many countries ship all their rubbish out of their land, wash their hands of "green" and the third world stands as enemy with the rubbish burning efforts. This again goes beyond control and comes down to where we've put our trust and funds. So in order to change, little by little, we have started this project to find solutions for all the pollution and while doing so, we can also create jobs and simultaneously educate along the way. WIN WIN!

It is just perfect timing that today happens to be WORLD OCEANS DAY and that we can celebrate it with our motivation for our new project and hopefully making a change. If you want to take active part, go to the World Oceans Day website and sign the 2020 petition, because the already late changes have to happen NOW!

Happy World Oceans Day!

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