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Don't save in the wrong areas.

No matter how much planning you do, sometimes things just don’t go right. Did you get bumped from a flight, or locked out of your hotel? Don't let these little details ruin your Experience. Just let us take care of it.

Traveling independently is a joy that seeks the wanderer in everyone and their sister but there comes a time in your life, where there is simply no time to take the time to plan out and hope that everything will go as you have planned it. One thing is do take ride to the next country and explore a bit and another thing is to plan a safari or a diving trip to a continent you have never been to, don't know the street rules and you just cannot be bothered with those little details and you know that if one thing goes wrong, the whole trip is gone!

And that is why you need us. We are just like you, lost children of this earth that have found themselves again and took the cautious decision of making your experience a priority by just experiencing everything that can go wrong! But unlike one-time travelers we have never given up and decided to spin our very own experiences into gold - well not really gold, but you get the idea!

Mozambique and its beautiful spots are simply magical and fairly undiscovered, which, in heinseit, makes them so beautiful in the first place. But to have these as hidden secrets from the world allows us to give you something special and us to protect the natural feel of the destination. Because our trips and gathered collection of destinations ranging from the eastern South Africa to the northern Mozambique are all things we are just as passionate about, it is not a quest to showcase the best and make the best of the worst, all on your favor. As your personal guides and instructors we know just where to take you for a special somethin' something' whether on land or under water! That is a promise.

So from all of us, don't try to outsmart yourself by being tight in the wrong corners and turning an experience upside down for yourself! You will thank us :-)


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