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Embark on an Uncharted Journey at Zinave National Park! Nestled in the heart of Mozambique's untouched landscapes, Zinave National Park invites you to step into a realm of wild wonder. Here, nature's untamed drama unfolds in a symphony of diversity. Traverse rolling savannahs and lush woodlands, where majestic elephants roam freely and elusive predators weave stories of survival. As the sun graces the horizon, catch glimpses of graceful antelopes and the secretive movements of leopards.


Marvel at the vibrant birdlife that paints the skies and the serene waterways where crocodiles and hippos hold court. Embark on safaris guided by passionate experts who unveil the intricate tales of this pristine wilderness. As the day's adventures wane, find solace in comfortable accommodations where the wild's essence still lingers. Zinave beckons, promising an authentic African encounter that resonates deep within your soul.

In this sanctuary, rare wild dogs showcase their remarkable social dynamics, while colorful birdlife paints the skies above shimmering waterways. Venture to catch a glimpse of playful warthogs and the stately stride of giraffes. Zinave's allure extends to the hidden corners, where nocturnal creatures emerge in the velvet darkness. From the elegance of impalas to the awe of encountering predators, every sighting is a page in the park's evolving story. Let seasoned guides reveal these tales, ensuring an immersive journey into the wild heart of Mozambique.



Embark on a mesmerizing game drive through Zinave National Park, Mozambique's untamed sanctuary. Traverse diverse landscapes, from rolling savannahs to tranquil waterways, revealing a captivating array of wildlife. Witness majestic elephants, elusive predators, and graceful antelopes thriving in their natural habitat.


Guided by passionate experts, this immersive experience unveils the intricate tales of Zinave's pristine wilderness. As the sun sets, find solace in comfortable accommodations while the echoes of the day's adventure linger. Explore the heart of wild Mozambique on an unforgettable journey that ignites your connection with nature's unfiltered beauty.


Nestled within the embrace of Zinave National Park's unspoiled landscapes, our accommodations offer an unparalleled connection to Mozambique's wild heart. Experience comfort and serenity as you relax in well-appointed lodges and tented camps, seamlessly integrated into the natural surroundings.


Awake to the calls of the wild and immerse yourself in the breathtaking vistas outside your doorstep. Our lodgings offer a harmonious blend of rustic charm and modern amenities, ensuring your stay is both invigorating and rejuvenating. Whether nestled by tranquil waterholes or tucked within lush woodlands, our accommodations create an intimate space to reflect on the day's adventures and embrace the authentic beauty of Zinave's untouched wilderness.

Berg en Dal


You’ll be logging in fair amount of road time, so having a comfortable and reliable 4x4 vehicle is crucial to a safe and enjoyable journey. Our specifically designed and remodeled safari vehicle is always professionally maintained, undergoing rigorous pre and post-trip inspection, giving us confidence, each journey will be a safe and pleasurable ride.


With access to a fleet of game-viewing quality CAR NAME, we never have issues accommodating our group’s various overland needs as well as providing unique, with windows particularly designed for, photographing opportunities during your safari or on the transfers within.


A list of the recommended material to bring for a land safari: Please note, early hours experience low temperatures.


  • Proper clothing and comfortable shoes (in case of walking safari)

  • Binoculars

  • Camera

  • Flashlight

  • Cash (South African Rands, US Dollar)

  • South African adaptors (can be purchased in Kruger) to charge batteries

  • Mosquito prophylaxis

  • Sun Block (cream, sunglasses, hats..)

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  • Majestic elephants wandering through diverse landscapes.

  • Elusive predators like lions and leopards in their natural habitats.

  • Graceful antelopes, including impalas and kudus, dotting the savannah.

  • Colorful birdlife, from striking eagles to vibrant kingfishers.

  • Rare wild dogs exhibiting their unique social behavior.

  • Giraffes gracefully moving amidst the woodlands.

  • Playful warthogs and bushpigs scurrying through the underbrush.

  • Crocodiles and hippos in the serene waterways.

  • Nocturnal creatures like hyenas and civets emerging after sunset.

  • Breathtaking vistas of unspoiled landscapes and tranquil waterholes.

Following the initiative of a previous group, we encourage each of you to reserve 1kg of your luggage for donation material (clothes, books, school supplies, sports equipment, medicines). It's not mandatory! But it is very satisfying to go to a local village one day and donate it to the people.

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