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With an environmental quality of growing profusely, the Gorongosa National Park is considered one of the best natural parks after rehabilitation from the Civil War from 1977 to 1992. Thought to be one of the most special and unique parks on earth, once again, scientists think it to be be a major hotspot for biodiversity.


Many travelers and tourists interests state it to be a place that must be saved for the future and generations to come. The Gorongosa National park therefore depend on the vital role of every guest for the role in the wildlife conservation effort.

Trying to help the park to return to its rightful place of being on of the greatest places in Africa, the park works with a 21sth Century conservation models, where balancing the needs of wildlife and people are on a scale while protecting and saving the wilderness.

The park offers the old Lion House, the viewpoint of hippos, the limestone cliffs of Chiringoma, the lake Urema floodplains, cascades of Murombozi River in the Serra da Gorongosa, the Vinho community and the setting of the sun in Bué Maria. The Gorongosa National Park remains closed between mid-December until the end of March due to the rainy season. Some roads may remain closed after reopening until they’re considered safe to drive on.



Embark on an unforgettable game drive adventure in Gorongosa National Park. Traverse diverse landscapes, from sweeping savannahs to winding waterways, as expert guides unveil the park's rich narratives. Witness the dynamic interplay of life as elephants, antelopes, and predators like lions and leopards engage in their primal dance.


The journey immerses you in the heartbeat of Africa, where each sighting and sound reveals a unique chapter of the wild's ongoing story. Guided by a deep commitment to conservation, Gorongosa's game drives offer an authentic and educational experience, igniting a profound connection to the remarkable ecosystem and fostering a passion for its preservation.


Gorongosa National Park offers a range of exceptional accommodations harmoniously integrated with the park's stunning landscapes. From luxurious tented camps overlooking tranquil waterholes to rustic lodges nestled within lush wilderness, each option provides a unique blend of comfort and immersion.

Wake up to the calls of wildlife and unwind amidst the beauty of untamed nature. Thoughtful design, attentive service, and sustainable practices ensure an authentic and responsible experience. Whether you prefer intimate tented suites or charming lodges, Gorongosa's accommodations invite you to relax, rejuvenate, and forge an indelible connection with the park's extraordinary surroundings.

Gorongosa Lodge


You’ll be logging in fair amount of road time, so having a comfortable and reliable 4x4 vehicle is crucial to a safe and enjoyable journey. Our specifically designed and remodeled safari vehicle is always professionally maintained, undergoing rigorous pre and post-trip inspection, giving us confidence, each journey will be a safe and pleasurable ride.


With access to a fleet of game-viewing quality CAR NAME, we never have issues accommodating our group’s various overland needs as well as providing unique, with windows particularly designed for, photographing opportunities during your safari or on the transfers within.


A list of the recommended material to bring for a land safari: Please note, early hours experience low temperatures.


  • Proper clothing and comfortable shoes (in case of walking safari)

  • Binoculars

  • Camera

  • Flashlight

  • Cash (South African Rands, US Dollar)

  • South African adaptors (can be purchased in Kruger) to charge batteries

  • Mosquito prophylaxis

  • Sun Block (cream, sunglasses, hats..)

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  • Majestic African elephants grazing near waterholes.

  • Graceful antelopes, including impalas, kudus, and sables.

  • Stealthy predators like lions and leopards on the prowl.

  • Zebras and wildebeests moving in synchronized herds.

  • Playful troops of baboons and vervet monkeys.

  • Colorful birdlife, from vibrant rollers to iconic fish eagles.

  • Crocodiles and hippos lazing by serene waterways.

  • Elusive warthogs and bushpigs darting through the underbrush.

  • Rare wild dogs and hyenas in their dynamic social structures.

  • Diverse reptiles and insects showcasing the park's biodiversity.

  • Unique flora, from towering baobabs to vibrant wildflowers.

Following the initiative of a previous group, we encourage each of you to reserve 1kg of your luggage for donation material (clothes, books, school supplies, sports equipment, medicines). It's not mandatory! But it is very satisfying to go to a local village one day and donate it to the people.

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