Tofo Beach

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One of Mozambique’s hidden treasures, located in the southeast of the country in Inhambane province, Praia do Tofo is a small fishing village with a vibrant international community. The town retains an unblemished charm, fostering a daily discovery of the beauty that is Mozambique. Diverse as it is beautiful and known for its relaxed vibe, endless sandy beaches, and eclectic nightlife, Tofo is a place that offers unforgettable holiday experiences above and below the surf.

The waters around Tofo, the unofficial diving capital of Mozambique, are teeming with marine life making it possible for year-long Whale Shark, Giant Manta, Ray, Dolphin, Dugong, and seasonal Humpback sightings. A dazzling array of soft and hard corals and the ever-present prospect of exploratory dives on newly discovered reefs cements Praia do Tofo as a jewel of the Indian Ocean.

Diving Sites

Mozambique’s 2,500 km coastline is largely undeveloped and teeming with life. Come experience some of the most spectacular diving in the world.

  1. MZE-diving-sites-MANTA
    Southern Reefs

    Manta Reef

    Tofo’s flagship site, Manta Reef, has put us on the diving map, having been ranked as a top 10 dive site in Africa and functioning as a favorite filming spot for National Geographic Wild. It’s a drift dive that begins with a 26 m descent into the middle of a miniature amphitheater pulsing with life. There are several cleaning stations where Mantas are known to circle, often in groups, overhead.
  2. MZE-diving-sites-KINGFISHER
    Southern Reefs

    Kingfisher Reef

    An excellent double-tank pairing with Manta Reef, Kingfisher, named for the abundance of pelagic fish cruising its upper shelf for prey, is another Manta hotspot with several popular cleaning stations where these graceful creatures congregate. Sea Turtles and Sharks are seen under the protected overhangs napping and a variety of Eels, colorful reef fish, and corals, coalesce in the sheltered walls and swim-throughs of the reef.
  3. MZE-diving-sites-GALLERIA
    Central Reefs


    Galleria stuns divers with its lush forest of Green Tree Coral rising atop a dramatic east facing wall. The coral provide a perfect refuge for shoals of Goldies, a dazzling opportunity for photo enthusiasts, and below, on display amongst the craggy cliff face of the wall, Lobsters, Eels, and a myriad of microlife seek shelter from the occasionally strong current that accompanies the site. Giant Mantas are known to frequent the site as well as the occasional Sea Turtle or juvenile Reef Shark, which can be seen cruising the sandy bottom of the wall. This exciting and colorful drift dive has a maximum depth of 34 m and is the closest reef.
  4. MZE-diving-sites-AMAZON
    Northern Reefs

    Amazon Reef

    A stunning horseshoe shaped reef with a maximum depth of 28 m, Amazon is an excellent spot for spying White Tip and Leopard Sharks, of which there are several long-term residents. Large Loggerhead Turtles, Green Turtles, as well as schooling Barracudas circling above are all highlights of this special reef. Blue-fin, Trevally, and Yellow-fin can be seen here as well as massive numbers of Reef Fish and even the occasional Giant Manta or Devil Ray. Amazon is approximately 40 minutes from Tofo Beach and, as our furthest offshore reef, a good place for an underwater Humpback sighting in season.
  5. MZE-diving-sites-OASIS
    Northern Reefs


    Slightly closer to shore, approximately 35 minutes from Tofo, and an excellent double-tank opportunity when paired with Amazon, the aptly named Oasis is known for its numerous overhangs,, shallow caverns, and its colorful variety of hard and soft corals. The reef has two cleaning stations where Giant Mantas and other Rays often gather, a variety of Eels, reef fish, and crustaceans adorn the scattered rocky crevices common here, and there are several canyons for divers to explore where Reef Sharks often slumber amongst the many secluded underwater alcoves.
  6. MZE-diving-sites-REGGIES
    Northern Reefs


    This recently discovered northern reef has quickly become one of our favorites. Like Galleria, Reggies is known for its stunning display of Green Tree Coral; it grows in numbers here, along with a vast array of hard and soft corals. This dramatic backdrop serves as a meeting ground for Sharks, Turtles, Rays and Mantas. White Tip, Grey Tip, and Leopard Sharks are often seen throughout the dive sharing the site with two resident Sea Turtles, one Hawksbill and the other a large Loggerhead. Two massive cleaning stations attract Giant Mantas and Jenkin Whiptail Rays glide along the sandy bottom while schools of Longfin Bannerfish swirl above. With such a plethora of marine life, Reggies will soon become one of your favorites too!