Safari Lodging (Kruger National Park)

Lodging, South Africa

Berg en Dal: The buildings in Berg en Dal Rest Camp are set within natural bush and the gardens planted with flowering shrubs and aloes, leaving much of the natural habitat unchanged within the camp. Berg en Dal is one of the newest camps in the Kruger National Park and offers visitors outstanding accommodation and lodging facilities. It was opened in 1984, meaning ‘mountain and dale’ aptly named for its superb location. Great care has been taken to preserve the natural vegetation in the camp area, which comprises Malelane Mountain Bushveld (woodland), attracting a variety of grazers. The area hosts White Rhino, Kudu, Impala, Giraffe, some Elephant, Reedbuck, Klipspringer, Grey Rhebok and warthog. Leopard and Wild Dog are regularly seen in the region. Lion are usually found in the lower plains on the roads to Skukuza and Crocodile Bridge. Bird watchers will find the appeal of Berg en Dal Rest Camp irresistible as a wide variety of birds species can be seen here.

Satara: It is the Kruger National Park’s third biggest rest camp, providing a range of accommodation. There are sites with power points available for camping and caravans. Alternatively, a range of bungalows sleeping between 2 and 3 guests are also available. Wheelchair-friendly accommodation is available. Guests can also stay in the guest cottages with well equipped kitchens. The Camp also boasts a grocery store that is well stocked for the self-caterers.The prime bungalows along the eastern perimeter allow visitors to glimpse the Hyenas that scavenge outside the fence at night. Located in the centre of the Kruger National Park, stakes its reputation on being one of the best spots in the world for viewing Lion, Leopard and Cheetah, because of the fertile grazing land found in the area which attracts vast herds of Antelope. For this reason the camp is often referred to as the ‘Cat Camp‘. Large Cats are frequently spotted in the Muzadzeni area, where a large and successful Lion pride operates.

Skukuza:  It is the capital and biggest Camp of the Kruger National Park, situated in the heart of Big Five territory. Activities, attractions and facilities are diverse, as are the animals and plants found both within the Camp and the surrounding area. Lion are frequently spotted along this route. It features a variety of accommodation options such as camp sites, furnished safari tents, semi luxury bungalows, cottages and guesthouses.The camp was originally known as Sabie Bridge or simply Reserve, the name was changed in 1936. Skukuza Rest Camp is named after the Tsonga name for James Stevenson-Hamilton, the first warden of the park. Literally translated it means ‘he who sweeps clean’, a reference to his removal of all the local people to make way for the establishment of the Park.