About Us

Mozambique Experience is the all-in-one African adventure company, masterfully weaving aspects of Southern Africa’s diverse Diving, Safari, and Culture into each custom tour. Don’t just visit Africa, experience it.

Our Mission

Choosing a company to trust your holiday with is a big decision

And while there are certain uncontrollable factors at play, we’ve done all we can to ensure that your trip is one that you will recall with a smile for years to come.

Mozambique Experience is a company dedicated to the unfiltered exploration of Southeastern Africa

From the alluring depths of her coastlines to the rugged majesty of her wilderness. We guide our clients through unforgettable holidays from conception to completion, ensuring that each day is filled with perfect African experiences.

From the moment you touch soil to the moment you depart for home

Whether spying a leopard in the top of a tree or a leopard shark under the shelf of a reef, our guides will be there providing an unprecedented level of customer service, security, and satisfaction as they share their passion for nature and their love of Africa!

Our Guides

At Mozambique Experience, our goal is for you to navigate Southeastern Africa in a way that is both safe and memorable, and there is no one more qualified to guide our clients above or below the water than our very own, Robert Marin and his working partner Mono.


Robert Marin

Having based his diving career in Africa for the past 7 years, Robert is intimately engaged in Mozambican marine and wildlife conservation, education, and management.

With over 15 years of professional diving under his belt, coupled with a passion for wildlife and a friendly spirit, Robert is the perfect person to ensure that clients have the experience of a lifetime.

Robert, born in Barcelona, has lived all over the world, Fiji, the Philippines, Australia, London, and Egypt to name just a few, and during his travel he’s picked up a couple skills and languages along the way.

Gifted with a loquacious nature, Robert can chat your ear off in Spanish, English, Italian, and Portuguese, as well boasting a background in emergency medical assistance and showing a penchant for photography, Robert is well equipped to guide you through your ultimate African getaway.


David “Mono” earned his nickname rock climbing in the hills of his native Barcelona where he grew up alongside Mozambique Experience owner Robert Marin. Relying on a friendship that began on the soccer field and endures as entrepreneurial partners, Robert and Mono interchangeably lead Safari and Dive Tours, ensuring unforgettable memories.

Possessing a spirit for adventure and a passion for wildlife conservation, Mono was the perfect choice when the need burgeoned for another tour operator.

Pairing his professional diving background (Egypt, Ibiza) and wildlife experience (dog trainer and feral animal rescuer) with his calm insight, Mono creates an atmosphere of ease and wonder with each experience he guides.

He’s been leading safari and dive experiences for over 2 years and brings a unique blend of field knowledge and companionship on each expedition he guides. Always ready to share his genuine affection for Africa, Mono is capable of conducting experiences in several languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and English.