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Did you know that our dive destinations offer the best possible marine fauna? From the great variety of micro and macro life that we find on local reefs to the large predators and large pelagics of the Indian Ocean. With the help of our guides and instructors Robert, Lachin and Mono, discover the wonders immersed in this corner of Africa.


You are not yet a diver, but would you like to try it? It is not a problem at all! What better place than these waters full of turtles, clown fish, rays and much more… for our instructors to welcome you to this magical world!


  • Dive reefs with Manta Rays around you

    Reef diving with whale sharks, mantas, dolphins and turtles throughout the year and enjoy one of the best migrations at sea with the humpback whale show between June and November.

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    This is the perfect destination to combine reef diving with shark diving. Dive with up to 5 different species of sharks in the same dive: tiger, bull, hammerhead, silver tip, oceanic black tip.

  • DSC_0722-3.jpg

    This is paradise, above and below the surface! Incredible biodiversity of turtles, rays, sharks and micro life at the various dive sites along the well-known 2 Mile Reef. This is the destination to see the dugong!!!!!

South Africa

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    The best kept secret on the South African coast! Being one of the richest tuna grounds explains why bull sharks visit it frequently, but also the massive schools of hammerhead sharks, oceanic blacktip sharks, barracudas, and of course the tiger shark.

  • Sharks just on the surface.jpg

    Unique underwater landscapes with a dramatic backdrop for sharks, wreck adventures and caves. Swim amongst hundreds of ragged tooth sharks during their mating season, and feel the adrenaline while oceanic black tip sharks come in between your fins.

  • bait ball sardine run.jpg

    A natural phenomenon, so fascinating, that it should be on the list of activities to do for everyone, divers and non-divers. One of the best shows of nature to experience in and out of the water, where millions and millions of sardines are stalked by hundreds of dolphins, sharks, predatory birds and whales!

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